About Red Star Lofts

ALUN JONES has been trading as RED STAR LOFTS since 1999. He specialises in the design and manufacture of quality racing pigeon loft interior equipment such as perches, nest boxes, timber floor grills and traps. He also offers a bespoke service for fanciers who need items built to their own specifications and measurements such as corridor sections, floor grills and loft louvres. As a successful pigeon fancier Alun is aware of the needs and demands of racing pigeons today and ensures his products enhance the loft of any fancier and are always of the highest quality.


RED STAR LOFTS is currently located in the North Wales seaside town of Rhyl and has a small team of competent craftsmen dedicated to producing goods of the highest quality. The company always endeavours to ensure its goods and service meets its motto of


Alun sold his own successful family of racing pigeons in 2011 due to his wife's health problems. The majority of birds were sold on his pigeon website www.ajredstar.co.uk  The sale was so popular that many fanciers approached him asking him to sell their birds on the online auction website. The website has grown considerably and Alun continues to invest each year in the website to ensure it is secure, user friendly and one of the top online pigeon auction websites in Europe attracting bidders from across the world.