Deluxe Conventional Widowhood Nest Boxes

New Design

Set of 4 Deluxe Conventional Nest Boxes Shown.

Deluxe Conventional Nest Boxes with cleaning trays & galvanized grills. A traditional nest box with doweled fronts and access gate. Manufactured from exterior plywood.
Available in 2s, 3s & 4s
Suitable for Natural, Widowhood or Breeding.

Set of 2 boxes H31½"   x W30"  x D16"   £109.00 Assembled
Set of 3 boxes H46½"
   x W30"  x D16"  £163.00 Assembled
Set of 4 boxes H62"      x W30"  x D16"  £215.00 Assembled

Price does not include carriage.

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