Five-In-One Perches

Five-In-One Perches 4 Sets of 5 shown.

3 Perch - W 23¾" x H 13½" x D 10½" =£30.00 Fully Assembled
4 Perch - W 31½" x H 13½" x D 10½" =
£40.00 Fully Assembled
5 Perch - W 39¼" x H 13½" x D 10½" =
£50.00 Fully Assembled
6 Perch - W 47"    x H 13½" x D 10½" =£60.00 Fully Assembled

Cut down your cleaning time with these quick and easy to clean perches.

Whilst the birds perch on the front facing forwards their droppings fall away through hardwood  dowel rods onto a plywood tray which spans the full length of all the perches.  These young bird perches are also suitable for widowhood hens. Each perch measures 7¼" wide by 10" deep just enough room for one bird. Available in horizontal rows of 3s, 4s, 5s or 6s which can be stacked to your required height.
Manufactured from 18mm & 12mm exterior hardwood plywood. 

Price does not include carriage.

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