Dowel Door Box Perch

Set of 20 Bird Dowel Door Box Perch shown.

 8 Bird H42" x  W21½"    x  D12" =   £  88.00   Fully Assembled
10 Bird H52" x W21½"    x D12"  =  £110.00   Fully Assembled
12 Bird H42" x W31 ½"   x D12"  =  £132.00   Fully Assembled
15 Bird H52” x W 31 ½"  x D12”  =  £165.00   Fully Assembled
20 Bird H52” x W42”        x D12”  =  £220.00   Fully Assembled

These 12mm plywood BOX perches with redwood dowel doors are designed to help prevent hens from pairing together by confining them in individual boxes. Each perch has room for two anti-spill pots to be attached to the dowel door to allow each bird access to food and water.

1 Dowel door on 8, 10, 12, 15 Bird Box Set
2 Dowel doors on 20 Bird Box Set

Price does not include carriage.

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