New Dual Purpose Widowhood Hen/Young Bird Extra Deep Perches

Set of 16 Sloping Back Widowhood Hen/Young Bird Perches shown.

The 12mm plywood upright carcase of these new widowhood hen/young bird perches are 250mm (10”) deep.
This additional depth allows the birds to sit further back on the perch preventing contact with hens either side so helping reduce the chance of them pairing together.

These perches are also ideal for young birds as the extra deep carcase makes catching easier.
This new design helps to keep the youngsters quiet so reducing fighting and stress.

Heavy Duty Sloping Back Perches

Assembled With Full Backs

All perches are H48” x D10”

  8 Bird W22” = £60.00 Assembled

12 Bird W32” = £85.00 Assembled

16 Bird W43” = £110.00 Assembled

Price does not include carriage.

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