Individual Door Box Perch

Set of 16 Bird Individual Door Box Perch shown.

  8 Bird H43" x W21½" x D12" =  £  80.00 Fully Assembled
10 Bird H53" x W21½" x D12" =  £100.00 Fully Assembled
12 Bird H43" x W31½" x D12" =  £120.00 Fully Assembled
15 Bird H53" x W31½" x D12" =  £150.00 Fully Assembled
20 Bird H53" x W42"     x D12" = £200.00 Fully Assembled

These 12mm plywood BOX perches have full length doors with vertical sliders to allow access to each individual perch without opening the main doors. There is also a facility on the front of each perch to hang two Anti-spill pots for food and water.

Designed to help prevent hens from pairing together by confining them in individual boxes.

3 unique low level arch windows on each sliding door to help prevent the hens from constantly trying to escape and damaging their tail feathers.

1 large hinged door on sets of 8, 10, 12, 15 for access and easy cleaning.
2 large hinged doors on sets of 20

Price does not include carriage.

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